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Pizza East

We decided to try out Pizza East in Shoreditch before we hit up the Illumini & Brunel Museum event, ‘Brunel’s First and Last Projects: Haunted Tunnel, Haunted Ship, ’ which included a trip into the grand entrance of the Brunel Tunnel:

Anyways back to Pizza East…

After a snafu with our booking we ended up sitting at the bar. That was fine, we just weren’t that impressed with the way the front of house staff handled it - they were quite unhelpful & not very friendly. While our night started out on a bum note, the food made up for it!

We started out with the courgette and aubergine fritti with paprika mayonnaise.

For our mains we had the mushroom, ricotta, spinach & egg pizza plus a side of garlic bread. We really like the pizza and thought the mushrooms were cooked perfectly, but we thought the garlic bread was touch to oily.

We also had the mac n cheese - which was DELICIOUS!!! One of the best we’ve ever had. We loved the fact that it was baked in the wood oven. The top level of cheese was baked to perfection and the inside was the right amount cheesy.

While we weren’t impressed with the front of house staff, our waitress was great (super friendly, attentive). We thought it was a bit pricey, but the portions were quite generous. I know we’ll be going back because I’ll be having cravings for the mac n cheese!

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